Mobile Conference Program gives your event attendees a quick and easy way to find out what's going on during your conference:


Allows your attendees to view a list of the sessions/events listed by day/time or presenter.

During your conference, if there are any sessions in the past 15 minutes, or three hours in the future a new option "Now" option will appear in the menu. Clicking this will show your attendees a list of the sessions that have recently begun, and what's coming up making it simple for them quickly find information about upcoming scheduled events.


A quick way for your conference attendees to view the exhibitors at your event. In addition to company name, products/industries served, and booth number, you can include as much information about the exhibitors as you'd like and include things like contact name, phone number, web site address, email and other information.


Give your mobile attendees up-to-the-minute news and information through the Announcements viewer.

Announcements aren't just limited to simple text either -- the announcements editor in the event administration web site features a WYSIWYG editor allowing you to spice up your announcements with attention-getting text.


Upload images through the event administration web site to give your attendees an idea of how to get around your event.

Event Administration

All of the above is managed from the Mobile Conference Program admin site.

Have a schedule change? Did an exhibitor cancel at the last minute? Need to make an announcement? All of these can be updated quickly and instantly from any device with Internet access.

Optional Session & Event Evaluation Component

Mobile Conference Program also features an optional Survey/Evaluation component to make it easy to get feedback about your event from attendees of your event. Evaluations can even be completed online by users on PCs, so you're not limited to just getting evaluations from mobile device users.

Our system allows you to create a set of questions for the sessions during your event, as well as a set of questions for an overall event evaluation.